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Renaissance Period The Renaissance Period started in Northern Italy during the 14th century in northern Italy and spread to Europe in the late 15th century. The Renaissance period of new thinking changed the culture of the English people. Famous people during the Renaissance Period, both men and women, achieved prominence in the fields of arts, literature, science, exploration and philosophy. Renaissance Era Another comprehensive section covering the fascinating times of Renaissance Period. The Renaissance era section provides the History, Facts and Information about the sports and games played during the time of Renaissance Period. People during the Renaissance Era loved their food and drink. What food was consumed by the Upper and Lower class Renaissance Period? A typical Renaissance Menu and some Renaissance recipes
  • Life in the Renaissance Period - Children, toys, Education, schools and Universities
  • Life in the Renaissance Period - Jobs, Occupations and money
  • Food and drink

Renaissance Clothing
Wealthy Renaissance Period people are recognised by their fabulous clothes. Fashion was important to Renaissance Period for both the men and the women.

Renaissance Music
Renaissance Period enjoyed various types of music and dance. The section covers on the Music of Renaissance Period provides the History, Facts and Information about Composers, musicians, Music, Musical Instruments enjoyed during the period of Renaissance Period.

Italian Renaissance
The Renaissance Period is believed to have emerged in Italy explaining the importance of the Italian Renaissance. The great Italian states and cities became wealthy during the Middle Ages when they prospered thrugh the trade which was prompted during the crusades.

English Renaissance
The English Renaissance is associated with men like Sir Thomas More and William Shakespeare

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Renaissance Art is synonymous with great artists such as Michelangelo

Renaissance People
The period of the English Renaissance Period spawned a variety of famous and glamorous people. The Renaissance brought about an age of new learning and ideas in the fields of arts, literature, science, exploration and philosophy. This section of Renaissance Period website includes many biographies and timelines of the greatest and most famous men and women who made the era of Renaissance Period the most exciting in English history. Read about the fascinating lives of many famous people of the Renaissance Period including the following men and women - Royalty, nobles, courtiers, statesmen, artists, actors, poets explorers and many more

Renaissance Learning
The age of new learning and ideas in the fields of arts, literature, science, exploration and philosophy.

Renaissance Timelines
The Renaissance timelines combines key dates and events with the history of the Renaissance period.

Renaissance Medicine
The doctors and Physicians who practised medicine during this era and the sicknesses and cures. The Black Death spread across Europe during the 14 century.

Renaissance Literature
Writers of Renaissance literature such as Rabelais, Pierre de Ronsard, Joachim du Bellay and Michel de Montaigne

Leonardo da Vinci
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The life and work of Leonardo da Vinci is highlighted as one of the most important people during the Renaissance period.

Renaissance Religion
The section covers what Renaissance religion and the emergence of the Protestant religion and Martin Luther.

The Medici Family
The power and exploits of the Medici family

Renaissance Period
Each section of this Renaissance Period website addresses all topics and provides interesting facts and information about these great monuments to bygone times. The Sitemap provides full details of all of the information and facts provided about the fascinating subject of Renaissance Period!